How to talk to your partner about a prenup

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2023 | Prenuptial Agreements

Conversations about prenuptial agreements (prenups) can be complicated. Undeniably, you hope for a successful marriage with your partner, but it helps to protect yourself should it end in divorce. Unfortunately, some people view prenups as planning for a divorce before the marriage starts.

Thus, it helps to be careful when raising this matter with your partner. Here are three tips to guide you.

Talk about the benefits for both of you

Approaching a prenup conversation from your point of view can worsen matters. It’s crucial to discuss how the agreement will protect both of you. For instance, a prenup can help you have a more manageable divorce process – with less stress, fewer fights and less financial burden for either of you afterwards. Just talking about how the prenup is supposed to protect you may upset your spouse-to-be, especially if there is a substantial difference in your financial status.

Do it at the right time

It’s best to talk with your partner about a prenup — months before you are married or perhaps even before you get engaged. This gives them adequate time to obtain the needed information. You don’t want your partner to feel rushed into signing an agreement with which they aren’t comfortable.

Further, consider having the conversation when both of you are in a positive mindset. Your partner is likely to participate in the discussion and give their opinions when relaxed.

Be honest

Discussing finances before marriage requires honesty. You should be open about your income, assets and debts. Further, be honest about why you want a prenup. Transparency can make your partner comfortable.

Prenup discussions can be difficult. These tips can help you handle the conversation. It will also help to get legal guidance to make informed decisions.