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Welcome to the 2018 edition of our annual special supplement honoring LA’s most influential women attorneys.

According to the American Bar Association, 36% of practicing attorneys today are women - and that number will continue to move toward balance when you consider that law school enrollment is currently 49% female.

Los Angeles is truly a national leader when it comes to influential women - and the field of law is no exception. There are some particularly stellar attorneys in the LA region who happen to be women and we’ve alphabetically listed 75 of the best of them here, along with some basic information about their careers, practice and some relevant recent successes they’ve achieved.

We assembled a committee of select individuals to analyze the many nominations we received this year.

These are the honorees we chose to recognize for exceptional legal skill and achievement across the full spectrum of responsibility, exemplary leadership as evidenced by the highest professional and ethical standards, and for contributions to the Los Angeles community at large.

Congratulations to the extraordinary women who made this list and thank you for working to keep the people and businesses of Los Angeles on the right track!

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Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP

Dana Lowy Los Angeles Lawyer

Family law attorney Dana Lowy is a founding partner at the female-owned, Los Angeles family law firm Meyer, Olson, Low & Meyers, LLP (MOLM). Over her 22 years with

MOLM, she has helped establish it as one of the nation’s most respected firms working in the areas of complex high-asset and high-conflict family law matters.

Lowy has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of family law including marital property characterization, valuation and division, tax issues in divorce, non-marital relationships, contested custody, mediation, and litigation. She is also an accomplished specialist and sought after in preparing and negotiating cohabitation agreements and pre- and post-nuptial agreements for many higlvnet-worth individuals, children of dynastic families, athletes, individuals in the entertainment field and prominent business people. Lowy has earned a reputation as a smart, savvy, creative and compassionate advocate for her clients. A testament to her success as both a negotiator and litigator are the many referrals she receives from clients as well as opposing attorneys and parties.



Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP

Anne N. Slusser Los Angeles Lawyer

Anne N. Slusser was named a partner at the high-profile family law firm, Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers (MOLM), in 2012. During her tenure at MOLM, which began in 2002, Slusser has distinguished herself as one of the most dynamic and accomplished family law attorneys of her generation. With extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of family law, today she specializes in high-conflict custody disputes, cases involving domestic violence, and divorces with complex financial issues. Her representative clients include members of the entertainment industry, professional athletes, business owners, and other high-net'worth individuals.

In the practice of family law, Slusser found the ideal outlet for her combined passion for the law and psychology, which was her major as an undergraduate. Working with people who are going through perhaps the most difficult and painful experience of their lives, she brings sensitivity and intuition to the job along with an ability to connect with clients on a personal level.

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