Your spouse’s spending habits could cause a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2023 | Divorce

People often think of very dramatic reasons for a divorce. They imagine extramarital affairs or people leading double lives. And it’s certainly true that divorces do happen for relational reasons or because of infidelity.

But many divorce cases are much more mundane and are just spurred by everyday stressors. One example of this is that your spouse’s spending or saving habits could cause the two of you to decide to end your marriage. How would this happen?

A difference in perspectives

What often happens is just that two married individuals have different perspectives on how they should use their money. One person believes that they need to save for the future, and frugality is important to them. Money creates stability and safety, among other things. 

The other person believes that they need to spend their money to create the type of life that they want. In their mind, money is more of a means to an end, not something to be saved up for a hypothetical future. 

If the two people cannot compromise, they end up constantly working against one another. 

You may feel like your spouse is always holding you back and preventing you from buying the things that you want – and that you’ve earned through your income. Or, on the other hand, you may feel like your spouse is spending all of the money when you worked so hard for it, putting your financial future in question.

If the two of you cannot find a solution, divorce may be the only logical outcome. Make sure you know what legal steps to take, especially regarding the division of financial assets.