Reasons couples drift apart

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce cases sometimes follow unexpected and dramatic events. For example, a spouse returns home after work to find out that their partner is having an affair. It’s very clear why the marriage is ending.

But this is certainly not the norm. In many divorce cases, the couple just feels that they have drifted apart and they are no longer happy in their relationship. Why does this happen and can you see it coming? Below are a few potential reasons.

Responsibilities and routine

For one thing, life can get busy, and couples often fall into a routine where they are simply focused on their obligations and responsibilities. Every day feels like an endless string of chores, and they put all their energy into them. This leaves no time or energy for the relationship, and they wind up being more focused on other things.

Lack of quality time

Similarly, a lack of quality time often makes people drift apart. When they start dating, they will often spend a lot of time together and plan specific events. Some of this is naturally going to fade after marriage, of course, but it’s still important for couples to carve out time to spend together. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons that parents get divorced, when they get to be more focused on being parents than partners.

Unresolved conflicts

There could also be some sort of unresolved conflict in the relationship that is slowly driving a wedge between the two people. Maybe one person feels that the other is too controlling. Maybe they disagree over how they spend money. Little things can add up over time.

If you do see signs that this is happening in your relationship, it’s important to know exactly what legal steps you can take during a divorce.