Is divorce healthy for your child?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Divorce

Many parents strongly hold the belief that a divorce will greatly hurt their children’s upbringing. In their minds, a divorce could cause their children to develop communication issues, score poorly in school and even develop mental illnesses. These fears come from a place of love, however, it also sacrifices the parent’s happiness. 

Yet, surprisingly, divorce may have a better impact on your child’s upbringing than staying in an unhappy marriage. This is because children can pick up on the finer nuances in their parents’ marriage and communication. 

In other words, there are many benefits to a divorce: first, you can start a new chapter in your life; second, your child may have a stronger emotional intelligence; and third, you can rekindle your relationship with your child. There’s more you should know:

It will affect your child for a little while

The truth is that your child will very likely be affected by your divorce. However, many children are only affected by their parents’ divorce for a short time. Your divorce will greatly change your child’s life and such dramatic changes can be scary for children. 

For example, your child may now only see one parent at a time – a stark contrast to when their parents were married. They may also have to change schools and that means a new environment and the pressure to make new friends and leave old ones. 

Of course, over time, your child will get used to these changes. Allowing your child to talk about their frustrations and fears can help them process their emotions.

Divorce can improve your child’s life

Divorce isn’t all bad for your child. If you and your spouse constantly fight, then this can cause a lot of stress for your child. It may even cause your child to distance themselves from you or the family as a whole as a coping mechanism. Divorce can relieve a lot of tension. It’s better to raise a child in two happy homes than in one unhappy one.

Yes, a parents’ divorce is upsetting for a child, but they won’t remain that way forever. Once you settle a child custody agreement, you may find you’re spending more time with your child. You may even find your child is communicating more and doing better in school now that the family tensions are over.