Is your spouse hiding assets?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Property Division

It’s clear now that the marriage between you and your spouse just isn’t going to work out. The divorce process has begun and there are various aspects to sort out.

Among the most important factors is distributing property. The family court will decide how to divide property and assets based on community property distribution. To do this. They will require accurate financial records from both partners. All documents related to poverty ownership, savings, income and debt should be disclosed.

Sometimes, one partner believes that they are not going to get a fair deal, and tries to hide assets as a result. What are some of the more common signs that this is the case?

Restricting your access

Throughout the marriage, you and your spouse had shared access to the accounts. You’ve recently tried to log on in preparation for the divorce, only to find that your access has been restricted. Your spouse is the only person who could have done this. The question is why? Are they trying to hide something?

Constant travel

The family court is not a criminal court and as long as your spouse attends scheduled dates, they shouldn’t be subjected to any travel restrictions. Your spouse has taken several trips abroad within a short space of time, which is highly unusual. Could they be opening up accounts elsewhere and looking for loopholes to prevent you from obtaining a fair divorce settlement?

Hiding assets from the court is a serious matter and it is one that needs to be resolved quickly. Having legal guidance on your side will help ensure that you are not taken advantage of.