What you need to know about social media use during divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Family Law

There are numerous ways in which social media and divorce intersect. There is an unfortunate causative relationship between some people’s social media use and the decline of their marriage. It has never been easier before to cheat on someone with a high school sweetheart or for one romantic partner to stalk the other.

Social media can also make conflict between spouses worse if they talk about the situation publicly and get friends and family involved. What may seem like catharsis at first can lead to a dogpile and then allegations of character defamation and fractured relationships later.

However, for those going through a divorce, the biggest concern about social media use is how it might affect the outcome of their divorce. What impact can social media have on someone’s divorce?

Whatever you say online can be used against you in court

Things that you share, the comments you leave on other people’s content and your private messages are all social media activity that can play a role in your divorce proceedings. One spouse might use social media documentation to prove that the other cheated or was abusive.

Even if you block your ex and their immediate family, there are other people who could potentially share anything that you post now or have posted in the past. Many people choose to lock down their social media profiles or make them temporarily unavailable throughout their divorce. The less that is visible to the public, the less others can glean to use against you.

Your ex’s social media could affect your divorce, too

If you believe that there is evidence of significant misconduct in your ex’s social media history, then you may be the one who wants to introduce such evidence to your court proceedings.

It is crucial that you recognize that your ex’s attorney will likely demand to go over your records if you perform a pharaoh review of theirs. Although it may seem like social media would be a source of comfort, connection and emotional support during a divorce, social media often just increases people’s risk.

Recognizing what seemingly innocent behaviors could negatively affect your divorce proceedings can help you avoid the most common mistakes people make in divorces.